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" Leslie has a soothing and natural healing way about her. She is in tune with my specific therapeutic needs and listens for clues as to the root causes of any pain or ailment. Leslie's nurturing spirit comes through in her work and I always leave feeling refreshed and revitalized."


"Leslie is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist.  She always  asks how my body feels, and even though I THINK I'm feeling fine, she never fails to find the sore and aching parts.  She then goes about getting whatever isn't "right" back into shape.  Couldn't do without her!!"

Karen R.

"Top Five Reasons Leslie Lawson Should Be Your Massage Therapist for Life!


Reason No. 5: She’s so good that you’ll want to refer your family, friends and co-workers.  I referred my father for his first massage when he was in his late 70’s.  He’s now in his early 80’s, very active and a believer in the benefits of a good massage.


Reason No. 4: Her office has a great set-up for massage and the location is in a safe, professional setting.  You won’t find yourself walking through a front door that has a coffee shop on one side and a nail salon on the other.


Reason No. 3: Leslie is her own boss.  Her boss wants her to be the best at her job.  She keeps herself informed and takes additional massage therapy classes on a regular basis.  She’s excellent with myofacial release techniques.  Her boss also wants her to be available when it is convenient for her clients.  She’s one of the hardest working people I know.  She has office hours six days a week.  Mondays and Saturdays are regular workdays for her.  Her boss needs to take her to lunch once in a while.


Reason No. 2: You will receive every minute of your massage appointment having a massage.  No shaving off time.  Her rates are very affordable.  There’s no reason not to schedule a massage at least twice a month; your body needs it.


Reason No. 1: Leslie is a professional, well-trained, gifted massage therapist.  I’ve been a dedicated client for 14 years. "

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