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Leslie invites you to discover the healing experience of theraputic massage. From the moment your visit begins, she personally consults with you structuring the massage to your individual needs enabling her to specialize in the most advanced therapies available today giving you the best in massage treatment relief.


Leslie is accomplished in the art of massage having established 20 years as a private massage therapist and also a 1995 "Honors" #1 Massage therapist and 2009 Houston Community Newspapers Reader's Choice for Cyfair, Cypress and Copperfield.  Leslie is highly trained in all modalities of massage, staying current in techniques of stretch therapies, cognition, nutrition, ergonomics and alternative treatments. You'll know right away you've connected with someone truly interested in your well-being.


As our guest, you'll also find the studio a peaceful retreat allowing you to unwind and exhale.


Balanced Health is honored to work with veterans, offering massage treatment as a step forward in their physical recovery therapy.


Make the call today to begin your wellness recovery. 

Many questionable businesses exist that provide sexual services under the guise of “massage therapy”.

Balanced Health is not one of those businesses.

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